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Multi-Charging Station


OPC 4US 1Guests can effortlessly charge up to 4 phones, tablets or other devices simultaneously. The Multi-Charging Station offers four USB outlets with a convenient cradle for phones or tablets. The elegant design requires minimal space, ideal for desk or nightstand charging.



  1. 4 x USB socket charging station with docking slot.
  2. Compatible with iPhone, HTC phones, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Phone, Samsung Galaxy Note, Blackberry, MP3 players, Digital Camera’s, & other USB devices.
  3. Use your existing USB charging cables to charge most USB powered devices.
  4. Easy-to-see LED confirms USB charger is properly connected with charging slot for phone or tablet.
  5. Sophisticated circuit design with over-heating, over-current & over-charging protection.
  6. Charging will be automatically stopped when the battery is 100%.
  7. Built in Smart Charging IC, will automatically detect the device input and then provide optimum current to achieve rapid and safe charging.

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